What's it about?

Wicked Solutions is an accessible book on the solutions to climate change.

Individual actions are never going to save the world. Though personal actions remain significant, the truly important things we need – a greening of our energy supply (and grid), a global freeze on fossil subsidies, transport legislation, a carbon tax, efficiency regulations – these all have to come from government. And if the last thirty-odd years of climate inaction from our leaders has taught us one thing, it’s that a bucket list anywhere close to the one above will only come about if we stand up, together, to demand it.

So, the aim of this book is simple: to convert as many people to the Church of Climate Activism as possible. To state the blindingly obvious, the more people who come together to pressure their government, the quicker we can unplug the climate Death Star that’s charging in front of our eyes.

This book doesn’t have a motto, but if it did it might be something like this:

Data, with a soul.

Caffeine intake

Whats inside?

"I know words. I have the best words."