Hmmm. What is this, exactly?

Solutions is a weekly email newsletter that collects-

No, no, no – I get too much email already.

Wait – don’t you care about our climate?

Don’t try to guilt trip me, young man.

Fair point. I think one of the most important tasks for climate writers is to communicate what we can do to fix this mess, to as many people as possible – that’s what my book is about, too.

I collect the latest research on climate science and solutions, add some infographics, a few animations, then blend these with more humour than is normally considered appropriate when talking about the possible end of humanity.

This newsletter is a weekly summary of what’s happening in the climate world, and what we can do about it. If you’re looking-

This sales pitch is taking a while. Can’t you just give me some keywords?

How about: optimistic, informative, irreverent, scientific.

Sounds vaguely promising. Where do I sign up?

At the bottom of the page; this magical underlined text will take you there quicker.

What if I find out you’re trying to sell me diet pills, or sweaters for my dog?

That’s weirdly specific; if you’re not happy, there’s an unsubscribe button to opt-out in every email.

What about this book of yours – aren’t you going to be plugging it endlessly?

Yes, when I finish it.

I knew it – the hard sell.

Well… sort of. But you’ll be able to pay what you want for the book, including nothing.

Wait, what?

I never expected to make much money from writing a book, but I would like a good few people to read it. If you don’t want to pay for it, you won’t have to.

So, you’re ‘doing a Radiohead’?

Something like that. Now, are you going to write your email in the box, or do I have to start juggling poodles?

Right, the box. Where was it again?